1. Hoarfrost

  2. Ya Lyublyu Tebya ( I Love You )
    Splendid Obsolescence and Harold Whit Williams

  3. The Space Between Montage and Tessellation ( Bluelegume Soundscape Series #8 )

  4. Dawdling Nothing Fusser

  5. The History Of Grits ( Bluelegume Soundscape Series #7 )

  6. The Murky Shadowy Muck Society

  7. Radiator Flu ( Bluelegume Soundscape Series #6 )

  8. Moochie

  9. Bullroarer ( Bluelegume Soundscape Series #5 )

  10. Maelstrom

  11. Live Croaker ( Bluelegume Soundscape Series #4 )

  12. Hyphae Remix
    Splendid Obsolescence & Harold Whit Williams

  13. Iron Stirring New Bayou Tin ( Bluelegume Soundscape Series #3 )

  14. Obbligato Dynamo

  15. Deux ( Bluelegume Soundscape Series #2 )

  16. Every Recording Is A Ghost Story

  17. A Meditative Evening With Nessie ( Bluelegume Soundscape Series #1 )

  18. Rumpelstiltskin Supernova

  19. Anthropocene

  20. Snakebit Afternoon (Soundtrack To The Poetry Of Harold Whit Williams As Read By The Same Harold Whit Williams)
    Splendid Obsolescence With Harold Whit Williams

  21. The Harsh Noise Variants

  22. Cat Radio

  23. The Absolutely Completely Incomplete Retrospective Of Splendid Obsolescence So Far Volume Two (Raucous Edition)

  24. The Absolutely Completely Incomplete Retrospective Of Splendid Obsolescence So Far Volume One (Cinematic Edition)

  25. Roswell Chatter

  26. Something Is Growing In The Dust

  27. SO HMMM

  28. MUDBUG Tone Darkening Effect Pedal Demonstration Track

  29. Winter's Call Of The Nocturnal Holiday Feast

  30. Flight Of The Christmas Meleagris

  31. Film Noir And The Melancholy Of Justice

  32. Ten Uses For 88 Plectra

  33. Breezes and Baguettes

  34. A Hot Wind Over Heavy Water

  35. Big Shoes On A Little Budget

  36. Chemical Factory At Sunrise

  37. Mothball

  38. Steelworker

  39. Why Should I Have To Explain Asparagus

  40. The Long Ride Of Radish Buchanan

  41. Whispers From The Moor

  42. Mango Stress Test

  43. Once The Ice Melted

  44. Three Days in the Wintry Pines

  45. Oracle of the Snowbird


Splendid Obsolescence Austin, Texas

Sometimes cinematic, sometimes ambient, sometimes punk, sometimes new wave, sometimes industrial, sometimes weird ...Splendid Obsolescence exploits a wide palette of psychoacoustic tricks and equipment in unfamiliar ways.

All tracks available for TV and Film master and sync licensing.

All tracks available for master and mechanical audio compilation licensing.
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